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Minority Report

Truth be Told - 2023AE - Aaruni Abhishek - Nous - NEO
Truth be told - 8/16/23 - 2023AE - Aaruni Abhishek

Banks must start embracing diversity and stop only caring about their bottom line if they want to remain relevant in today's world. It's time for us all to push back against systemic racism wherever we encounter it, including at TD Bank.

People can be denied services due to their skin color and face much harsher conditions than those from more privileged backgrounds. This blatant discrimination should not be tolerated in any way whatsoever.

Banking has become a central hot spot for racism. It is no longer simply about money; it has become about how people are treated differently based on race, creed, or gender. The fact that banks prioritize themselves over the needs of others is clear as day.

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