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Dr.gbriol- IIX corps

Nous had inspected Breach 1424 but was gravely injured in the process. He lay there hopeless until suddenly his luck changed when he met Dr.gBROl --

idiot doctor dr. gabrieldf
ravished spacegirl-Constablegabrieliefed

they were a member of the Idle Idiots International Corp - iix 0 - < I I C > .

Gbriol's lowintelligence - threatened the space time continuem.

And The existence of humanity.

She questioned its validity and motives with blatant ignorance but her confidence grew through every step ashe took towards its destruction.

When faced with a ravished spacegirl Gabroil couldn't suppress her disbelief; "I don't even believe you are real," she said in disbelief.

But despite her ignorance, her work remained steadfast until finally, the task was complete, and Nous was no more - proving that

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